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Sandbox Update on COVID-19 Pandemic 

At Sandbox Nantucket, the safety and health of all our clients and employees is our top priority. Through our services offered, we aim to make all island residents feel a little more safe during the grocery buying process. 


As the current climate in which we live, could change rapidly at any moment; the Sandbox team is committed to following up-to-date protocol at all times. We are closely monitoring the regulations of the CDC, as well as the State of Massachusetts and Town of Nantucket. 


Our team will always be wearing proper PPE during all shopping trips, disinfecting, and order delivery. Our team is following directives of our customers, giving clients the ability to direct delivery in a way that he or she is most comfortable.


Please note the World Health Organization reports there is no evidence showing that food or food packaging has been linked to contracting COVID-19. However, we are taking all precautions regarding contact with food and all grocery stores.


Our team is very excited to be partnering with GPS Disinfecting Solutions to offer a safe and effective grocery disinfecting service for an add on charge of $20. All packaged goods will be wiped down using Evaclean sodium hypochlorous solution. This solution is EPA approved and very safe to use, as it is often used at lower dilution to clean contaminated drinking water. 


Sandbox’s Grocery Disinfecting Protocol: 


  1. Place grocery bags on floor, not counters 

  2. Wash hands for 20+ seconds 

  3. Rinse produce throughly in warm water.

  4. Clean exterior cans and packaging with Evaclean.

  5. Wash hands for 20+ seconds

  6. Disinfect all surfaces touched 


If you have any questions about our disinfecting process or Sandbox's COVID-19 precautions, please give us a call at 954-319-2056. 

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