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About Us

Our mission:  to curate memorable experiences by showcasing the best Nantucket has to offer.


Sandbox Nantucket is your go to concierge. Whether you are looking for your house to be stocked provisions prior to arrival, daily dog walks or unforgettable island adventures- our team will take care of all the details so you can enjoy your vacation.  


Hi there,


I am so glad that you are here! 


Since I can remember Nantucket has always been my Sandbox. It has been my home to play, learn and explore. As I have grown up, I  have come to greatly appreciate the intricacies of this special place and the people that have always made Nantucket home.


After growing up in the hospitality industry and working in luxury boutique hotels on Nantucket, I have developed a passion for creating experiences. 


My appreciation for Nantucket and love of hospitality lead me to launch Sandbox in 2019 with the hope that I can assist others in experiencing the best of Nantucket. 


It is my hope that you grab a cocktail and head to the beach, while my team and I do the rest!


All the best,

Grace Thomas 

Sandbox CEO 

At Sandbox, we know the value of an island beach day! Our team will handle all the details of your vacation so your biggest worry is choosing which beach to go to. 


We look forward to assisting you in any way that we can and hope you enjoy this special place as much as we do.

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Meet the founder: 

Behind the brand: 

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