Sandbox Concierge 

Sandbox Nantucket aims to be your helping hand on Nantucket. Our team works to provide outstanding, personalized experiences that make your day a little easier. 

Since Lauren was five years old Nantucket has been her sandbox. It has been her safe place to play, explore, learn and grow. She grew up with a dad working in the hospitality industry and as a result, Lauren moved around the country eight times before her family decided to settle on Nantucket year-round. However, through out the years her family would always come visit. The island has been a much appreciated consistency in her life. Lauren greatly appreciates the intricacies of this special place and the people that have always made Nantucket home.


 She has spent previous summers working at various luxury boutique hotels on-island  before launching Sandbox in summer of 2019. She has a deep knowledge of customer service and works to provide outstanding customer experiences.

While this season will look unlike any other, Sandbox is committed to offering  services to keep all locals and visitors safe & healthy. At Sandbox we believe, that connecting our community and offering a helping hand is now more important than ever before. 




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